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Shortly About Me

Quirky. Sarcastic. Passionate. Perverted. Bookworm. Idealist. Learned Extrovert. Hermit. Nature Lover. 100% all natural and homegrown naturalist. I put great effort into developing a sincere rapport with photographers, models, and production companies. I equally enjoy collaborations with new people who are professional, respectful, and punctual.I have a keen ability to emote and communicate efficiently for photos and video projects. Available for paid modeling and acting assignments in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Based in Baltimore Maryland area.

Upcoming Travel 2014


Upstate New York
Aug TBA 2014: Albany, Utica, Syracuse, Buffalo


September TBA 2014: Baltimore, DC, Northern VA, All of maryland, Southern PA, and Philly.


Texas Tour
October TBA: All of Texas! Already booking shoots. Reserve your spot today!


Southern California
Fall TBA: Touring all of California. Booking now!

My Philosophy

People Are Not Dollar Signs For every shoot, video or stills, afterwards I am constantly seeking ways of furthering the exposure of the work we create. I post and advertise the photographer's images on several networking web sites and enter them in high-profile contests. I don't just show up for a shoot, take the money, and forget about the photographer/producer, but rather I am aggressively behind the scenes pursuing success and exposure.

I only book three shoots a day (morning, afternoon, evening) and I never shoot the day of a large travel of more than 4hrs driving so that I stay fresh and focused on my work. I believe that I should give a quality performance, not show up physically and mentally haggard from long hours shooting and/or driving.